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Certificate in
People and International Organisations Management


The Certificate in People and International Organisations Management will allow your employees to understand key areas of talent management such as Human Resource Management in International Organisations, Organisational Behaviour, Digital Transformation or Negotiation; acquiring at the same time management skills necessary to lead teams and communicate effectively in a global setting.

Executive Education
English or French (to choose)
100% Online
Active learning [ Results oriented ]
120 Hours / 12 ECTs
January · April · September
Programme Structure
4 courses: 3 core courses & 1 elective course to choose.
Flexibility & Customization
  • Recommended 1 year to complete the certificate.
  • Flexibility to upgrade to major programmes.
  • Customisable contents to your company's interests.

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currently on campus

currently on campus

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56% MEN
programme participants

One of the main assets of this programme is Diversity

Your employees will experience the challenge of working in a global context alongside participants from all over the world creating communities of practice.


That makes this Certificate Unique.

01/Our Innovative Methodology
[  Empowering your Teams
Focused on “learning-by-doing” and project-based learning, your employees will work through challenges in the latest international management trends, in real business scenarios to become an Expert in People Management.
02/Results Oriented
[  Driving Impact
Our Methodology 100% action-oriented will allow your teams to successfully increase their job performance by implementing best practices, develop new skills and acquire a new cultural mindset that will extend their expertise and expand their business perspective.
[  International Inspiration
This programme is conformed by International Top-level professors experts in their fields, selected from our 6 European campuses. They will provide constant guidance to your teams along their learning journey providing personalized feedback as if they were in face to face programmes.
[  Developing while Working
Participants will define their workload based on their professional context, and the electives based on their job/industry position, with the possibility to upgrade from a shorter Certificate to the full degree. They will also have the opportunity to attend face to face seminars on ESCP’s Campuses to deep dive into specific topics.
[   Ensuring Success
Your employees will obtain a Diploma from one of the best Management Business Schools Worldwide, ranked by the Financial Times and The Economist at the top five positions.


The Certificate in People and International Organisations Management enables participants to customize the curriculum based on the job position or industry interest.

Upgrade your Certificate

You can design your Programme by starting with the "Certificate" and upgrading to Higher Qualifications

Learning Outcomes

Certificate in People and International Organisations Management

Your teams will
be capable of designing and applying a people management strategy in a multinational company, including both the development of global policies and local adaptations.

of specific people management practices that, in line with global practices of an international organization, adapt to the local characteristics and needs. Specifically, participants shall be capable of designing global policies and practices for compensation, expatriation and talent management in international organizations.

the policies that can be carried out from the organization to generate an organizational culture based on vision, mission and values.

Develop skills
to manage difficult situations and resolve conflicts, reaching satisfactory agreements for the parties involved.

FT #Rankings
  • #6

    Executive MBA
    (FT 2021)

  • #7

    Master in
    (FT 2021)

  • #2

    Advanced Master
    in Finance
    (FT 2020)

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Testimonials from our Participants

Success Stories

Isabelle Malique-Park
Founder and Executive Director
Paddling School
Online doesn’t mean alone and not reaching out to the professor and to the other students”

“EMIB for instance has a lot of group work connecting people together. The technology doesn’t remove anything essential, on the contrary, it enhances all the pedagogical material when faculties are well trained and lectures are well conceived and presented.
Jia Wu
Deputy Head of E-Commerce
ECOVACS Robotics, Germany
Nowadays people need cross-cultural, multicultural experiences and I do really think that the real good assets of this kind of programme is to meet so many people from the whole world”

“You will get to learn from all of them in terms of culture and bussines, and in terms of exchanging good practices and helping each other. Studying EMIB I have met a lot of interesting people who helped me to broaden my scope.
Hamed Zanjani
Senior Project Engineering Manager
General Electric
Having worked 11 years in energy sector across different countries, I know what I want and what adds value to my career targets”

“ This programme offers courses across different subject areas & focuses primarily on management rather than administration... I live and work in a life that globalization and international business mind-set is the base for its success and I intend to be ready for challenges to come, with building necessary skillsets.
Nicoleta Minoiu Enache
Manager Team
Design Renault
In this phase of my career I am eager to prove myself even more every day to live up to my potential. In this context”

“It was important that I kept delivering in my current role, and as such I cannot afford being out of office for too long. On the other side, there I am trying to maintain delicate balance between my career and my family life. I’m happy to be the mother of two young children. An on-line program allows me the flexibility I need to be entirely involved in my job and do the homework’s with the kids.

Why ESCP Business School is the best option for your Company

ESCP Europe

Established in 1819, ESCP Business School is the world's first business school. Its mission is to develop the next generation of transnational business leaders, preparing them to embrace the opportunities offered by cultural diversity.

Certificate in People and International Organisations Management
  • One of the best online programmes in Business Management at one of Europe’s best Business Schools
  • An effective international network from studying within a multicultural class
  • The flexibility offered by this 100% online programme allows you to access course materials 24/7
  • Taught by Master professors from ESCP Business School’s 6-campus faculty network
  • Learning-by-doing methodology, with a pedagogical approach that goes from practice to theory and enables new knowledge to be immediately applied in the workplace

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We are the only Business School to offer students the opportunity to study at 6 campuses in Europe

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Executive Education
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